2016 Environment Exchanges

May 2016: Biodiversity offsets

This was a discussion of the balance between development and nature and the state of biodiversity offsets in the ACT. Lunch was (vegan) pumpkin soup.

Speakers (name have links to presentations where available):

  • Kate Auty – ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment
  • Dr Phil Gibbons – Senior lecturer in Ecology ANU
  • Kathryn Tracy – Senior Manager, Nature Conservation Policy, Environment and Planning Directorate
  • Clare McInness – Environmental Offsets Planning Coordinator, ACT Parks and Conservation Service – Environmental Offsets in the ACT
  • Larry O’Loughlin – Executive Director, Conservation Council ACT Region – Biodiversity Offset Governance (we’d like to see)

February 2016: Climate change in Canberra: what do we need to do next?

Following the historic UN climate change agreement made by 195 nations in December 2015, it’s time to review what we need to do here in Canberra. Professor Will Steffen, Member of the ACT Climate Council and Councillor with the Climate Council of Australia gave an overview of current climate science and solutions, the UN agreement and what this means for Australia and the ACT.