Watch the live stream program of entertainment on YouTube

We strongly recommend setting up your technology early in the day so that you don’t miss any of the program.

The formal program of events will commence at 6:30pm, with a preamble slideshow from 6pm to allow time to get online.

The entertainment program will be live-streamed via YouTube which you can view on your TV or a desktop computer. Use a second device (laptop, tablet or phone) to chat and participate in the auction.

If you have an internet-connected TV (eg apple TV, Fetch, or other digital set-top box or ‘smart’ TV):

  • Go to internet applications (via a button or menu item) and open YouTube
  • Search for ‘2020ccosd’
  • Select the ‘2020 Online Spring Dinner’ live stream
  • To view the ‘Live Chat’, press the ‘Ok’ or ‘Enter’ or main select button on your smart TV remote and toggle the speech bubble icon.
  • To participate in the ‘Live Chat’, you could use a keyboard to type comments into the chat bar, however it will be easier to participate in the chat on a separate device – see below.
  • NOTE: You will only be able to contribute comments to the chat bar if you have a google account set-up and logged in. You can log-in to the chat using your gmail account.

To connect on a desktop or laptop computer or tablet with internet access:

  • Click this link – it should open straight to the 2020 Online Spring Dinner Live Stream in YouTube
  • Alternatively, copy that link and paste it into the URL bar of your internet browser (eg Chrome, Safari)
  • Or go to and search for “conservation council act – 2020ccosd” then select the 2020 Online Spring Dinner Live Stream
  • ‘Live Chat’ should be beside the video – type into the ‘Say something’ field to chat with other guests.
  • NOTE: You will only be able to contribute comments to the chat bar if you have a google account set-up and logged in. You can log-in to the chat using your gmail account.

See the step-by-step video support tutorials at the bottom of the page for more help.

Chat with other guests or presenters

You can connect with other guests via the ‘Live Chat’ bar in the YouTube live stream if you login to YouTube using a google account (gmail.)

We will take questions from the audience for Costa via the ‘Live Chat’ bar. Preface your question with “QUESTION FOR COSTA” so make it easier to identify.

If you don’t have a google (gmail) account you can submit questions for Costa to Please put “QUESTION FOR COSTA” in the subject line of your email.

Please be friendly and positive in the chat bar – your comments are for all to see!

Buy a Golden Ticket in our raffle and bid in our Christmas auction

Register at on the Galabid site to participate:  Click ‘Register’ in the left, green menu list.

Only 100 tickets will be sold in the Golden Ticket Raffle so get in quickly before they all sell out!

The winner will be drawn during the live stream program and will choose their prize from the auction catalogue (some items are excluded, see the Golden raffle ticket description for details).

We will hold a live auction towards the end of the program – you must be registered to bid online. The 3 items in the live auction are:

Please read the description of items before you bid on them – winning bids are final. The rest of the auction will continue until 6th December so place your bids and check them regularly to keep on top!

Donate to the Conservation Council

Your support is essential for us to advocate for the environment on behalf of all Canberrans so please consider becoming a regular donor. Go to

Send in photos of your gathering to share

Email photos of your gatehring to by 8pm on the night and we will create a montage to share with everyone later in the evening.

Ten-minute Trivia

Just the thing to change the pace of the evening – a quick round of environmental trivia! Break into teams at your gathering, grab a pen, and dig out your trivia answer sheets in the information pack.  Just one rule – no googling! We’ll run through the answers so you can tally your scores, and decide who’s trivia king / queen at your place.

Refrigerate then serve your hampers

Hampers are best kept refrigerated until they are ready to be served. Three courses are included: appetiser (cheeses, dips, vegetables & crackers); main (sliders & salad); and dessert (pavlovas, fruit, chocolates). While all care is taken to deliver you the correct meals in good condition, please understand that once delivered, the food is your responsibility to keep fresh and cool, and we cannot make any changes. Our Electric Vehicle delivery drivers are volunteers, so please welcome them warmly!

Get help

Still struggling to connect? Having IT issues? Maddie will be available to help you out. Email her on or call her on 0400190495. Please be patient –  we’ve never hosted an event quite like this before, but we’ll do our best to make the evening run smoothly.


Step-by-step video support

Logging on to the event on a TV with digital set top box

Logging on to the event on a TV with Apple TV

Logging on to the event on a Smart TV

Logging on to the event on a computer (WITH LINK)

Logging on to the event on a computer (WITHOUT LINK)

Buying a golden ticket in our raffle