Kosciuszko to Coast – K2C

Kosciuszko to Coast (K2C) is a partnership of thirteen organisations and numerous businesses, landowners and individuals (associate members) working with landholders in South East NSW (K2C region) to conserve and recover our grasslands, woodlands, riparian and wetland areas, small bush birds, arboreal mammals and treasured forest communities and species. K2C focuses on  these key targets to promote connectivity conservation and is a regional partner in the much broader  Great Eastern Ranges initiative.

K2C might be ambitious but its goals are achievable. The investment and effort made by many landholders over the past 30 years already has done much to enhance and restore grasslands and woodlands, which have become island havens and refuges for native plants and animals.

K2C is offering landholders in the region help to build a connected landscape with a range of management options that may include advice as well as funding. The K2C project complements existing catchment management goals and a broader connectivity conservation approach. K2C combines a broad team of existing community groups and government agencies with experience in working with landholders to solve environmental and land management issues. K2C is the primary contact point for those people interested in being involved.

Visit: http://k2c.org.au/

Email: [email protected]