World Environment Day Online Auction: 5th June – 26th July 2020

We are so lucky to have exciting one-of-a-kind experiences on offer in this year’s World Environment Day Auction, including talks and workshops from Alison Green, Will Steffen and Shane Rattenbury.

Also on offer are a print studio membership, a singing or vocal contortion workshop and a tiny house building course.

Educational items make for a great gift, and the talks are a great pick for a group looking to run an event with an interesting guest speaker.

Plus there’s more. With over 90 items including a home battery system, a hot water system and art featuring Greta Thunberg, this fundraising auction has something to offer for everyone.

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Professor Will Steffen: Online chat, workshop or seminar with a world leader on climate change science

Emeritus Professor Will Steffen is one of the pre-eminent climate scientists in the world. For you or your group, he is donating 2 hours of his time for an online chat, workshop or seminar focused on climate change, the Earth System, the Anthropocene, the Great Acceleration or, more generally, about global change.

Will was the Inaugural Director of the ANU Climate Change Institute, from 2008-2012. He is best know for advocating, with Paul Crutzen, the concept of the Anthropocene and initiating, with Johan Rockström, the international debate on planetary boundaries.

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Book an internet seminar with UK-based Extinction Rebellion Activist Alison Green

Dr Alison Green is Executive Director of, an Extinction Rebellion scientist, and a cognitive psychologist with expertise in human learning and thinking. She is offering a custom online seminar on climate, activism, and/or a just transition.

Alison co-edited the popular Extinction Rebellion book ‘This is not a Drill’, published by Penguin in 2019. She co-authored with scientists Michael Mann and Katherine Hayhoe a widely cited paper supporting School Climate Strikes published in the international journal Science. She was Pro Vice-Chancellor at Arden University when, at the end of 2018, she resigned and traded academia for activism. 

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An hour of conversation with Shane Rattenbury, the ACT Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability

Book in an online, phone or in-person (if isolation restrictions allow) hour’s worth of chat with Shane Rattenbury, the ACT’s Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability.

Shane is well known to Canberrans. He’s not only the Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability, but also for Corrections and Justice Health, for Justice, Consumer Affairs and Road Safety and for Mental Health. He would be a wealth of information for any community group or school.

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Megalo Print Studio Membership

A one year membership of Megalo Print Studio. Megalo Print Studio is a member-based arts organisation in Canberra, that promotes, presents and practices printmaking as an art form accessible to all levels of our community. Since its foundation in 1980, Megalo has provided artists and the broader community with access to specialised printmaking facilities, equipment and expertise. 

Megalo Print Studio offers: artist residencies; education programs; printmaking advice to members, the arts sector and the broader community; a gallery program showcasing contemporary prints; commission and edition printing; and studio access. Megalo also sell a range of printmaking materials.

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Singing workshop with Mal Webb

An hour long singing (or vocal contortion) workshop with the extraordinary and hilarious Mal Webb. Online or in Melbourne at your venue (if Corona-safe).

This workshop will explore the physics, physiology and frivolity of every sound a face can make. 40 years of mucking around have qualified Mal Webb, (B.Ed.Mus) to take you on a global cultural journey into your gob. Sideways yodelling, beatbox/mouthdrums/vocal percussion, harmonics/throat singing, mic technique, looping, advanced clapping and vocal distortion (without hurting) are all explored on the way to being a band with your voice and the lead singer too.

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Fred’s Tiny Houses ‘How To Build A Tiny House ‘- The Australian Online Course

A voucher for a Fred’s Tiny Houses flagship online course at Tiny House University. All the rich, relevant and highly-recommended content of the full weekend of workshops, delivered to you in your home in one online course! With 37 video tutorials, summaries and quizzes, you get more than seven hours of tiny house building instruction delivered in your home at your pace.

Fred’s Tiny Houses specialise in providing accurate information and high quality products and services to DIY and professional Tiny House Builders across Australia.

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These are just 6 of over 90 items available in the auction. Sign up for updates as our auction progresses.