World Environment Day Online Auction: 5th June – 26th July 2020

Yes, you can add to your garden and support the Conservation Council’s important work at the same time! 2020 is the International Year of Plant Health so it’s a great time to work on your garden. Whether you’ve got a sprawling wonderland or a little apartment garden you will find something that suits you, with native plants, gardening supplies, a mushroom growing kit, and a tour to get you inspired!

Bidding is open now, closing on Sunday 26 July. The items will be delivered or collected in August, perfect timing to start planting for Spring. Please take this opportunity to invest in yourself and the Conservation Council’s advocacy work.

Plus there’s more! With over 90 items from a tiny house building course to art featuring Greta Thunberg, this fundraising auction has something to offer for everyone! 

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$1000 worth of landscaping supplies

Corkhill Brothers landscape supplies range from mulches and soils to sands and gravels with truck sizes to suit both residential and commercial customers. 

Those looking to support Green Waste recycling in Canberra could purchase a Fine Forest Litter (pictured) or Coarse Forest Litter. Corkhill Bros hosts the green waste drop off facility at Mugga Lane and accepts the Green Waste from Canberra’s Kerbside Green Waste bins. After completing a 3-4 month process, all Green waste re-enters the Canberra market as a soil conditioner, mulch or soil mix. 

You could also choose a decorative product that suppresses weeds, such as Tan Bark or River Gravel.

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20-40 Australian Native plants from Greening Australia

20-40 local native seedlings, suitable for gardens in the region. These will be tubestock, and include a mix of wildflowers, tussock grasses and shrubs.

Greening Australia is an Australian environmental organisation, founded in 1982, the International Year of the Tree, to protect, restore and conserve Australia’s native vegetation. Greening Australia was formed by the United Nations Association of Australia and the Nursery Industry Association of Australia.

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Chameleon Water Monitoring Kit from VIA

For the vast majority of those who grow food, there is no simple way to know how well irrigation is managed. The ‘Chameleon system’ is a way of measuring soil water by producing colour patterns. The patterns tell you whether the soil is too wet or dry, how deep rain and irrigation moves into the soil and where roots are taking up water.

This auction item includes three Chameleon Soil Water Sensors, which measure how hard it is for plants to suck water out of the soil and a Chameleon Chameleon Card (and starter kit). 

The Virtual Irrigation Academy is managed by CSIRO Agriculture and Food based in Canberra, Australia. It is called a ‘Virtual Academy’ because sensors are buried on farms around the world and the data is displayed online.

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Lyneham Organic Garden Tour and Seasonal Food Hamper

Along with a hamper of Lyneham Garden Seasonal Produce, which will include a butternut pumpkin, bunches of rhubarb, kale and/or other winter greens and a jar of jam, you will also receive an inspirational 20-30 minute tour of both the native and production garden of David and Lainie Shorthouse.

David and Lainie Shorthouse established their productive garden nearly 40 years ago, and in 2015 it was included in the Open Garden scheme.

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Bellchambers Produce – $50 voucher

$50 voucher for garden and agricultural produce from Canberra’s best garden and agricultural store.

Established in 1948, Bellchambers Produce is a specialist supplier of quality gardening supplies and animal feeds in Canberra. With more than 70 years experience, we have excellent knowledge when it comes to our produce and supply only the very best products to our customers.

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Life Cykel Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

These mushroom kits are prepared from waste coffee grounds and collected from around the country by Life Cykel. Just add water and watch your mushrooms grow multiple harvests.

Life Cykel is an evolutionary focused mycelium biotechnology company that engineers positive solutions to real world problems. In addition to retail products, Life Cykel also supports the National Mushroom Network, the world’s first decentralised circular mushroom economy.

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These are just 6 of over 90 items available in the auction. Sign up for updates as our auction progresses.