Ginninderra Falls Association


The Ginninderra Falls Association (GFA) was formed in 2011 to lobby for
public access to the Ginninderra Falls which have been closed to the public
since 2004 when the then Falls Park was closed due to excessive costs of
providing Public Risk Insurance.

Subsequent to the formation of GFA, Riverview Pty initiated the West
Belconnen (ACT) and Parkwood (NSW) urban development project
collectively now known as “Ginninderry”. Given that development proposal,
GFA’s focus has expanded to not just the immediate Falls area but the whole
of the Ginninderry project with particular emphasis on matters concerning the
proposed conservation corridor along the Murrumbidgee River and extensions
of it into the proposed urban areas. We hope to ensure the best possible
environmental outcomes from the Ginninderry development.

2019 campaigns

GFA has set the following objectives for the calendar year 2019:

  1. Continue lobbying for least possible impact from the urban
    development on a number of species such as the Little Eagle (nesting
    and foraging sites), Scarlet Robin, Rosenberg’s Goanna and others.
  2. Continue lobbying for the widest possible Conservation Corridor along
    the Murrumbidgee River and Ginninderra Creek which adequately
    conserves the natural values of the area and caters for the increasing
    recreational needs of a growing population. 
  3. Encourage appropriate bushfire zoning to minimise fatalities and
    destruction in extreme seasons.
  4. Longer term, create public access to the Falls and gorge
    precinct results in the least possible impact to the area in terms of
    visual impact and impact on the Flora and Fauna of the area. 

Get involved

Join the Association and attend the monthly meetings,
which are held at the Belconnen Fire and Ambulance Station in Bindubi
Street, Belconnen. Information about joining and GFA’s meeting schedule can be found on their website:

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