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National Parks Association ACT was formed in 1960 to establish a national park for the National Capital and to promote protection, understanding and enjoyment of our natural world. 

NPA ACT supports environmental education and research, the protection of natural ecosystems and encourage enjoyment with a program of bush walks and camping trips. They also publish a series of guides to the flora and fauna of the ACT. 

2019 campaign focus - feral horses

NPA ACT is part of a recently formed coalition of five environmental groups in the ACT and NSW, which is planning and implementing a campaign to raise awareness of the damage caused by thousands of feral horses in national parks especially Kosciuszko National Park.

This was initiated in response to passage of the “Wild Horse Heritage Act” (WHHA) in NSW. A petition asking for the repeal of this legislation is now being circulated by participating groups. A number of other actions have been undertaken in response to the WHHA.

Save Kosci Protest Walk

The Save Kosci Protest Walk from Sydney to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko was organised and coordinated by Canberra Bushwalking Club (CBC) and supported and participated in by a large number of NPA ACT and CBC members. About 500 people some from outside NSW and ACT participated as walkers or support volunteers. Near 200 reached the summit on 8 December.; five walked all the way from Sydney – a total of 560 km. 

Visit Save Kosci website.

Reclaim Kosci campaign

Coordinators Alison and Richard Swain have prepared a fact sheet to dispel the myths surrounding feral horses in the Snowy Mountains and to help people understand why numbers must be reduced. They have also organized events to highlight the problems in and importance of our alpine national parks (Namadgi, Kosciuszko and Alpine NPs).

Fact sheet

Legislative Assembly Tour to Ginini Ramsar wetlands 

In collaboration with ACT Parks and Conservation Service, NPA ACT organized a tour for Legislative Assembly Members and staff to the Ginini Ramsar wetlands in Namadgi National Park. This area is near the source of Canberra’s water supply and the ultimate message was that Canberra’s clean water comes from these wetlands. Hundreds of feral horses are just across the border and if not removed will trash this area as they have already destroyed adjacent parts of Kosciuszko National Park.

Kosciuszko Science Conference

Feral horses damage national parks and threaten water supplies! Peer reviewed evidence was presented at an Australian Academy of Science conference at the Shine Dome in Canberra on 8 Nov 2018. NPA ACT provided financial support and volunteers at the conference. 

Read the abstracts here

Upcoming events

Join NPA Act in this important campaign to protect our national parks. Go to for further information and links to activities and reports. Get in touch with the group if you would like to join or help in their campaigns and causes!

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