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Christmas Auction 2019

The Conservation Council ACT Region’s Inaugural Christmas Auction is live and open for bids until December 8th!

We are excited to bring you a wonderful array of unique and environmentally-friendly items that will make excellent Christmas presents for friends and family, including books, bikes, scooters, clothes, and things for your home and garden. We are especially excited about the Zero Mass Water Hydropanels and the fully installed 5kW solar system from LECA, for those who are getting serious about sustainability.

Bookmark our Allbids page to browse the items or you can download the entire list here. Remember that many items can be delivered around Australia, to New Zealand or even further afield internationally.

All money raised goes to the Conservation Council, so this year, instead of dragging yourself through the shopping malls, jump online and choose a gift from one of our diverse range of environmentally-minded sponsors, knowing that you are doing the planet a favour and sponsoring the good work of the Conservation Council at the same time! 

Of course, if you are going “present-free” this holiday season, why not consider making a donation to the Conservation Council ACT Region? 

Featured Auction Items

Zero Mass Water Hydropanels

SOURCE Hydropanels from Zero Mass Water are not magic, but are amazing science! They use advanced material science and energy from the sun to produce clean drinking water from air – and the water is pure and delicious! The Hydropanels are 100% off-grid and fully independent from infrastructure or power supply. They make 180-300 Litres of pure drinking water per month (with output depending on sun levels). Check out their listing on Allbids for more information!

LECA Solar Panels

Christmas is the perfect time to consider some PV panels from Light and Energy Conservation Australia (LECA), for yourself or a close loved one. LECA have donated a fully installed 5 kW solar system, consisting of 16 Jinko 315 W panels with a 5kW Solis Inverter. Valued at $7,500, this system will generate an estimated 20 kWhrs/day.