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Judith Leland - Gang-gangs

Save our native mature trees – pillars of biodiversity

May 12
Mature trees are pillars of biodiversity in the ecosystem. They provide habitat for wildlife, nurseries for seeds to grow and facilitate vital soil processes. Mature trees with natural hollows are disappearing from the ACT due

World Environment Day Dinner 2017

Apr 26
The World Environment Day Dinner is a big celebration of the achievements of the Canberra environment community. Our annual Dinner will be held 7.00pm Saturday 3 June at the National Arboretum Canberra. World Environment Day
Environment Exchange

Using Nature for Power – Environment Exchange 28 March

Apr 03
“We are going to have 100% per cent renewable electricity. It is going to happen. The question is whether it is sooner or later” says Professor Andrew Blakers. Our March Environment Exchange was on Using

Proposed kangaroo management changes

Mar 23
Proposed kangaroo management changes The Conservator for Flora and Fauna has declared the Eastern Grey Kangaroo as a controlled native species under the Nature Conservation Act 2014 and consequently has also prepared an Eastern Grey Kangaroo: Draft Controlled Species

Yellow Box Dispatch – March 2017

Mar 10
  Yellow Box Dispatch — March 2017 Trees, waste, plastics, climate change The Bush Capital is a great place to be and to live so that’s why we have so many people involved in caring

Mature Native Trees: Pillars of Biodiversity

Mar 08
 Mature Native Trees: Pillars of Biodiversity “We literally cannot live without trees” Darren Le Roux, Environmental Project Officer, ACT Parks and Conservation Service The nomination of “Loss of Native Hollow-bearing Trees”, as a threatening process
Hume waste precinct

Waste market sounding encouraging greenhouse gases?

Feb 22
The ACT Government’s ‘market sounding’ on waste does not prioritise reducing waste or increasing recycling while providing support for incineration or biogas or other greenhouse gas emitting ‘energy from waste’ proposals. Energy from waste is

Joy Burch speaks on Foy proposal and resident follow up letter

Feb 20
Hello Joy, I was very heartened to see you speak in the Assembly Wednesday 15 February 2017 expressing your concerns with the FOY proposal in Hume. I’m not sure how much you and your staff

Municipal waste resource page

Feb 18
A resource page on Canberra’s municipal waste policies and responses with links to some Conservation Council materials, ACT Government documents and a few other places. Conservation Council 20 July 2016 – Waste Management and Resource

National Park Feasibility Reference Group

Feb 17
Following the 2016 ACT election the November 2016 Parliamentary Agreement included: “Undertake a feasibility study into establishing a new northern Canberra region National Park, including existing nature reserves around Mount Majura, Mount Ainslie and Mulligans Flat”.