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Bushfire management: balancing the risks – communiqué

Aug 18
The Community Symposium held 21-22 July 2017 – Bushfire management: balancing the risks – had a successful mix of experts, researchers, Government officials, the ACT Minister for Environment, the Commissioner of the Emergency Services Agency,

Conservation Councils write to Turnbull on water scandal

Aug 02
The Conservation Council ACT Region has joined with other state Conservation Councils in a letter to Prime Minister Turnbull urging action following the revelations of the ABC Four Corners broadcast Monday 24 July. The Conservation Councils
Environment Exchange

Beyond Gas – Environment Exchange

Aug 07
For the move away from gas to be effective it needs to be a holistic system, has to be communicated and  understood by the community, has to be tested in the Canberra context and additionally

Final Program Bushfire Community Symposium

Jul 20
  Bushfire Management – Balancing the Risks A community symposium to discuss research, strategies and expectations for fire management in the ACT in a changing environment. On Friday 21 July and Saturday 22 July. There will be

Yellow Box Dispatch June 2017

Jul 10
  Yellow Box Dispatch June 2017 Welcome to our monthly report to all of you who have been registered on our mailing list. Here’s a report of some of our recent activities. We had a
Environment Exchange

Reducing Canberra’s Waste Mountain – Environment Exchange

Jul 03
According to a 2014 audit of the composition of red garbage bins – a large component is recyclables and food organics with only 20-30% comprised of residual waste. Obviously there is a waste management problem that requires: engagement,

Acronyms and fire management: if only they could put out the flames

Jun 28
If acronyms could put out bushfires we need never worry about catastrophic fires again. SBMP, BOP, RFMP and BPA are just a few of the acronyms thrown around when talking about fire management in the

Lack of Unified Vision for Waste Education

Jun 15
“vision can be formed by asking what the ACT Government and the ACT community want to become and what they want to achieve in the future” Problems with Current Visions The ACT Government acknowledges they
Environment Exchange

Overcoming the Growing Pains – Environment Exchange

Jun 12
“We are one of the most spread-out cities in the world… that suggests there is an issue there so we need to start having a hard look at our addiction to developing new suburbs.” –

ACT Energy Consumers Policy Consortium media release

Jun 07
Energy Bill Shock inevitable as electricity prices in ACT rise by 18.95 per cent Low income consumers in the ACT have today been dealt a massive blow the ACT Energy Policy Consortium said. The ACT