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The Conservation Council made comments on Australia’s strategy for nature 2018–2030 – Australia’s Biodiversity Conservation Strategy and Action Inventory – DRAFT which was meant as a review of Australia’s Biodiversity Conservation Strategy ...continue reading
Comments on ICRC Draft report Regulated water and sewerage services prices 2018–23 February 2018 Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission PO Box 161 Civic Square ACT 2608 [email protected] The Conservation Council ...continue reading
February 21, 2018

Protecting bush capital values

We can’t leave environmental protection to luck – or governments – without the community keeping an eye on things. So yes, there are good reasons to support the Conservation Council to help ...continue reading
On top of the simplistic claims that growing trees make burning forest biomass innocuous, the carbon accounting rules developed for the Kyoto Protocol and the way they have been applied ...continue reading
Eight wattles “alien” to the ACT (and region) might become weeds and some show a propensity to naturalise within reserves and other native bush areas. Native plants they may be, but ...continue reading
January 25, 2018

Joe Baker

It was sad news that Joe Baker died 16 January 2018. Among many things Joe was the first ACT Commissioner for the Environment (1993-2004). It has been a privilege of ...continue reading
Media release from ACT Energy Consumer Policy Consortium: ACT Council of Social Service (ACTCOSS), Care Financial Counselling Service, Conservation Council ACT Region, SEE-Change, and Small Business Taskforce of the Canberra ...continue reading
Conservation Council ACT Region has joined with other members of the Stop Adani Alliance to send a letter to re-elected Queensland Labor Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk asking her to implement her unequivocal ...continue reading