Petition to maintain climate change leadership

The Australian Capital Territory has a good record on taking a leading position on dealing with climate change. To maintain our local leadership and keep up with the science we could do more. We should do this. We have had our existing targets for five years and we are on track and it hasn’t wrecked the economy or cost us a lot. So let’s continue to do our bit — to be part of a local solution to a global problem.

Sign the petition to call for further action to bring us into line with what science suggests is necessary and to maintain the ACT’s leadership on climate change action.

Petition to declare all of Canberra cat containment by 2025

Cat containment benefits our native wildlife and our cats.

Tell the ACT Government you support Canberra becoming the first major Australian city to enforce 24 hour cat containment!

Petition to save the places you love

Tell the ACT Government not to weaken our national environmental protection laws!

Click here to learn more.