Canberra 2025 a city of content contained cats – Protecting our wildlife

I support the declaration of Canberra-wide cat containment by 2025. I want to love our pet cats and wildlife too.

Help make Canberra the first major Australian city to require 24 hour cat containment. Cat containment means keeping pet cats from roaming beyond their owners property. Cats can still explore the outdoors through walks on a leash, cat runs or enclosures or specialised fencing to keep them from roaming free. 

Go to Pets not Pests for more information on the impacts of cats on wildlife and the benefits of cat containment.

We believe that Minister Rattenbury has a responsibility to declare all of Canberra as a cat containment area by 2025.

Join us in calling on Minister Rattenbury to:

  • declare, in a timely manner, all new suburbs and urban developments within one kilometre of nature reserves as cat containment

  • make a forward declaration to make all of Canberra cat containment by 2025

  • support and fund ongoing community public education on cat containment in the ACT.

Protect our cats and wildlife too. Support 24 hour cat containment across the ACT by 2025.   Sign the petition below.