Conservation Council AGM report

The Conservation Council Annual General Meeting was held 6pm 13 November 2018 at the Conservation Council office.

The meeting confirmed the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting held 9 November 2017 and accepted a report from the President Rod Griffiths on behalf of the Board and the Executive Director’s Report from Larry O’Loughlin. The Auditor’s report and the financial statements were accepted and Saminda Maddumahewa was appointed as Auditor for 2018-19.

For the election of members of the board, including office bearers, there were nominations equal to the number of vacancies so the following were declared elected:

President: Rod Griffiths
Vice-President: Peter Ottesen
Vice-President: Marcus Hassall
Secretary: Helen Sims

Other Board Members:
Jenny Bounds
Rebecca Palmer-Brodie
Gordon McAllister
Ian Falconer
Glenys Patulny
Christopher Dorman

There were proposed changes to the Constitution. Two matters – the changes proposed to 19 (c) and (d) – were withdrawn for further discussion and all the others were accepted by the required majority.

The meeting closed and participants shared some refreshments.

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