The Conservation Council’s input to the House of Representatives inquiry into Registered Environment Organisations has been called sub461 and is now online. We argued that environmental protection needs advocacy as well as on-the-ground work. We suggested some recommendations for the Committee:

  • That the Committee report recognises that advocacy for the environment is an essential and inseparable part of “protection and enhancement of the natural environment”
  • That the Committee’s report recognise that environmental research often relies on public advocacy before it is undertaken.
  • That the Committee’s report acknowledge the importance of the precautionary principle in consideration of environmental matters.
  • That the Committee’s report recognise that on-ground activities are an important part but only a part of the of the overall effort required to enhance and protect the environment and that advocacy is an integral part of environmental protection.

As at World Environment Day 5 June 2015 there were over 600 submissions to the Inquiry. We look forward to the Committee’s full and fair consideration of all the issues raised.


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