Dog days on Walk the Border

On the internet nobody knows you’re a dog, but on Walk the Border your appearance might give paws to think about where and when people can take dogs.

We put a lead researcher on to the job and there are a few days where a leashed dog is able to take you for a walk.

Tilly undertaking training and research Gilmore to Royalla

The dog days are:

  • Day 4: Tuesday 10 October – Sutton road to Kings Highway: Start 9.00 am Dirt carpark on the ACT/NSW border on the Sutton Road. (The carpark is on the right hand side, if coming from the direction of Queanbeyan, and it may be easier if coming from that direction to turn at Norton’s Road and have a left hand turn into the carpark).
  • Day 6: Thursday 12 October – Queanbeyan to Gilmore: Start 9:00 am Yass Road (corner Yass Road and Capital Terrace). Finish Henry Melville Crescent Gilmore.Park at the reserve (it is the only one onHenry Melville Crescent and it leads to theMonaro Highway pedestrian and equestrian underpass). Don’t frighten the horses.
  • Day 7: Friday 13 October – Gilmore to Royalla: Start 9:00 am Henry Melville Crescent Gilmore. Park at the reserve (it is the only reserve onHenry Melville Crescent and it leads to the Monaro Highway pedestrian and equestrian underpass). Finish Royalla Drive, Royalla, at the woodland reserve 200 metres on the right hand side after turning off the Monaro Hwy and crossing the bridge over the disused railway line.
Coco not allowed to Walk the Border on Day 1

Dogs are welcome on these days. Magpies tend to swoop the dogs rather than the humans so that’s good for the humans.

Please cater for the needs of the dog (eg water, food, sunblock) as required and carry a receptacle for dog crap just in case (or if no case then backpack but not lunchbox).

And please follow all signs as there are some non-canine areas, no matter how dogged the walker.

Woof, I mean, regards.


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