Ministers risk our health delaying our call for clean air

A meeting of state Environment Ministers has decided to delay any decision on new measures that could make our air cleaner.

Yesterday, the Meeting of Environment Ministers considered the issue of clean air, and made a decision to do nothing.  The Conservation Council, alongside our counterparts across the country, made a united call for the end of 3,000 preventable deaths a year due to poor air quality.  The solution?  Real air quality standards.  Read our Joint Letter to Environment Ministers here.

A year of deliberation and thousands of submissions have not moved the Ministers to act – yet.

Our partner, the Nature Conservation Council, CEO Kate Smolski said, “Air pollution kills more Australians each year than car crashes, yet our governments have been dithering on the delivery of a strong, national standards and a National Plan for Clean Air for more than a decade.  About 3000 Australians will die this year from exposure to air pollution while our governments continue to delay the action that is urgently required. Every year governments fail to act, more people will die.”

We will continue working with our conservation council partners to ensure safe, clean air through proper air standards across the nation.


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