Cat Containment

The ACT needs stronger laws and policies to protect our unique wildlife from cats.

Since 2022 all newly acquired cats in the Territory have to be contained.  But this means that kittens purchased before July 1st 2022 are allowed to roam freely. Given that domestic cats often live for over 15 years, this means that cats could still be roaming Canberra until 2037!

Cats are a popular pet in Canberra and a valuable companion animal but they are also efficient predators and take a significant toll on our local wildlife. All cats, even those that are well fed, have natural hunting and chasing instincts.

It is also in cat’s interest to be contained both day and night. Contained cats are more likely to live a longer and healthier life than those allowed to roam. 27% of the ACT’s cat owners reported that their cat had come home injured at least once each year. Roaming cats are four times more likely to have suffered significant injury at least once in the previous year than cats that are contained.