Treasures series

Learn about the natural and cultural heritage in your local area through the Conservation Council ACT Region’s Treasures of the ACT Region Series. The booklets describe the beautiful places to visit and are the perfect size to take with you while exploring. They provide useful tips on enjoying outdoor activities such as biking, bushwalking, birdwatching, swimming, picnics and photography and even include a field guide of plants and animals you are likely to spot. Why not pick up a copy and begin exploring the special places near you!

Ginninderry Treasures is the latest to join the series. With contributions from a team of local knowledge experts, the beautiful booklet will help you explore the Aboriginal and European cultural heritage as well as the woodland, grassland and river ecosystems of the Ginninderry region of north-western Canberra. The guide includes colour photographs of local wildlife and plant species,  profiles of the community groups actively caring for the landscape, and more. A small number of Ginninderry Treasures booklets are available from the Conservation Council office.

If there’s a book that interests you, click on the book name to see a preview. For just $5 you can have a copy. Order yours today by contacting us!

Living Next to Nature

Living Next to Nature is your guide to being a good neighbour to the bush next door. Find out more about your local environment and easy actions to take in your backyard, in the bush or in your community to help protect it. 

Living Next to Nature Booklet (PDF 17MB)

Environment Exchange presentations

The Conservation Council hosts regular Environment Exchanges, which are public forums that inform the public on environmental issues in the ACT. These presentations are provided by guest speakers and do not reflect the views of the Conservation Council ACT Region.

June 2019 – Environment Exchange: Biodiversity Offsets

A review of biodiversity offsets implemented in the ACT under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, presentation by Associate Professor Philip Gibbons, ANU Fenner School of Environment and Society

March 2019 – Environment Exchange: Cat Containment

Using cat containment to protect wildlife (and cats) in the ACT, Michael Mulvaney, EPSDD

Improving Cat Management in the ACT, Heather Tomlinson, EPSDD

February 2019 – Environment Exchange: Future of Gas

Future Gas NetworksWilliam Yeap, Evoenergy

The Case for a No Gas Community, Jessica Stewart, Ginninderry

Renewable Gas: What Policy and law will we need, Dr James Prest, ANU Energy Change Institute

Student and interns

The Conservation Council works with students or hosts interns on projects. These reports do not necessarily reflect the views of the Conservation Council ACT Region although they often form the basis for policy discussions and further work.

Nov 2019 – Water Quality Management Issues in the ACT Waterways: from the experts’ perspective Thukten, Australian National Internships Program

May 2019 – The Phase Out of Natural Gas in the ACT Caitlyn Baljak, Australian National Internships Program

May 2018 – An Overview of Protected Areas Conservation Effectiveness Monitoring Programs, with Particular Reference to Australian Capital Territory Di Zhang, Australian National Internships Program

October 2017 – Getting to Energy Efficiency in the ACT, Lucinda Berrie, George Hibbard, Xiwen Lu, Geovanna Pacurucu, Ruiying Zheng (Complex Environmental Problems in Action students at Australian National University)

May 2017 – Tackling food waste – implementing education and policy, Fatima Hallal and Nikolina Panovski, Community and Public Health Nutrition, University of Canberra. Also see the presentation Tackling food waste in the ACT.

April 2017 – Submission for Market Sounding: ACT Waste Feasibility Study, Samadhan Patil, intern through College of Business and Economics, Australian National University

December 2016 – Rethinking office based commercial waste recyclingZhiyan Liu, intern through College of Business and Economics, Australian National University

November 2016 – Totem tree management and conservation recommendations Alexander Pecenko (Honours student)

October 2016 – Assessment of options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the ACT transport sector – Liam Bergin, Nicholas Tugwell, Mitchell Korda Fenner School, ANU. Report prepared for the Conservation Council ACT Region as part of the ANU Complex Environmental Problems course

May 2016 – Sustainable diet change in the ACT through adapting supermarket willingness and capacity to change Evan Turner, intern through College of Business and Economics, Australian National University

October 2015 – Options for long-term waste reduction and management in the Australian Capital Territory – Lauren de Waal, Australian National Internships Program

February 2015 – The ACT RET: Investigating its delivery and interaction with the Federal RET (37.5MB) – Joseph Lorimer, Madeleine Peachey, Olivia Kalogiannidis, Hayley Wood, Beatriz de Brito Leite, Feicao Jiang – Students Undertaking Australian National University, Solving Complex Environmental Problems

October 2014 – Food waste: Extent of the Issue and Current Interventions in ACT – Sandesh Silpakar, Australian National Internships Program

October 2013  – Let’s Taco ‘Bout It: Com-Pear-ing Food Concepts and Policy: Effectiveness of Approach and Strategies of the National Food Plan in Combatting Food Security Issues, and Consequences For Regional Food Policy  – Eleanor Robson, Australian National Internships Program

October 2013 – How can the ACT Region use best practice in siting solar arrays? – Katelyn Kummer, Marianna Sacco, Jack Perren-Leverage – Students Undertaking Australian National University, Solving Complex Environmental Problems