ACT Election 2020

Our environment, our future

Canberra is a city that sits in a wonderful natural environment. Not only is the ACT home to nationally significant woodlands and grasslands, and the spectacular Namadgi National Park, our urban landscape is embedded in the natural environment, connected by nature parks, corridors and waterways that support biodiversity and enhance wellbeing in our community.

The ACT has the opportunity to become a world-leading climate-resilient region that is powered by a circular economy. We have the opportunity to protect our unique natural treasures for current and future generations. But we must be ambitious and we must act now.

Our election priorities were drawn from a comprehensive policy platform developed in consultation with Canberra’s environment community. They will continue to form the basis of our campaign work for the next several years.

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Post-election: what next?

The new Labor–Greens cabinet spreads environmental responsibilities across 5 ministries, and the Parliamentary and Governing Agreement prioritises climate action but lacks mention of biodiversity… Read more

A safe climate

Climate change is the most significant threat to the survival of all life on earth, and requires immediate and significant global action. The impacts of a changing climate are well upon us; increasingly severe fires, storms and droughts are forcing societies and...

Protecting Canberra’s nature

The 2019 United Nations report on biodiversity identified that up to one million species globally face extinction in coming decades. Australia is not immune, with approximately 100 native species having become extinct since European settlement and a further 1,600...

A green and liveable city

High-quality urban greenspace will help build resilience against the impacts of climate change, enhance nature connectivity across the urban landscape, and deliver quality-of-life benefits to the community. Trees and shrubs provide vital refuge for wildlife and...

A compact city

In the ACT we are privileged to enjoy both a rich natural landscape and a vibrant city. However, we are challenged by the increasing pressure of a growing population, and the associated demands for housing and services. Canberra is Australia’s second least dense city....

Clean and healthy waterways

The ACT’s rivers, lakes, ponds and wetlands, as well as the riparian vegetation they facilitate, provide crucial support to local wildlife by providing food, refuge and habitat. They also provide space for residents to socialise and recreate, and enhance health and...

Sustainable transport

Canberrans traverse the city daily for social, recreational, household and employment activities. Transport emissions contribute 60% to the ACT’s direct greenhouse emissions, primarily through the use of petrol and diesel vehicles. Our transport choices have a...

Valuing and cycling resources

Improving waste management ACT residents have high consuming lifestyles. Our waste is a resource, yet until we successfully manage the waste we generate, it will continue to have significant impacts on wildlife, the environment and human health. Viewing our waste as a...

Election Forum: Sustainable Transport

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Take action

With a new ministry in place, Canberrans can continue to call on the government to step up for the future of our city. Our handy action guides will help you to take action.

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