Call on remaining ACT elected representatives to choose their Bush Bud! 

out of 30 decision makers signed up!

Here are your decision makers who have already become Bush Buds!

David Smith MP Gang – gang Cockatoo
Senator the Hon David Pocock Regent Honeyeater
Dr Marisa Paterson MLA Superb Parrot
Leanne Castley MLA Glossy Black Cockatoo
Shane Rattenbury MLA Corroboree Frog
Johnathan Davis MLA Greater Glider
Nicole Lawder MLA Eastern Bettong
Rebecca Vassarotti MLA Canberra Grassland Earless Dragon
Andrew Braddock MLA Striped Legless Lizard
Jo Clay MLA Golden Sun Moth
Emma Davidson MLA Small Ant Blue Butterfly
Peter Cain MLA Swift Parrot

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