Urban Planning

In the ACT we are privileged to enjoy a rich natural landscape and vibrant city simultaneously. However, we are challenged by the increasing pressures of a growing population, and the associated demands for housing and services.

Canberra is Australia’s second least dense city. As we respond to increased population pressure, strengthening our commitment to urban infill will reduce pressure on natural ecosystems.


High quality urban development must be accompanied by a commitment to diversifying medium density housing options to provide better choices for the community.

Urban greenspace will help to build resilience against the impacts of climate change, enhance connectivity across the urban landscape, and deliver quality-of-life benefits to the community. Green space, trees and shrubs provide vital refuge for wildlife and pollinators across the urban landscape, cool the urban environment, and slow urban water flows. 

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Planning – the right things in the right places

Planning – the right things in the right places

Build Canberra as a compact city (current area is 814.2 km²), a liveable city enjoyed by all, a city of choice with a dynamic heart, and a place where natural and cultural heritage are respected and protected. ACT building standards must be set to meet ACT targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction. The ACT should be […]

Towards a smarter, sustainable Canberra – governance for sustainability

Towards a smarter, sustainable Canberra – governance for sustainability

The Conservation Council has produced policies around our focus areas leading up to the October 2016 ACT election Sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Australia’s cities and towns of the future must successfully integrate the needs of people, the built […]

Concept suburb of ‘Thompson’

On 3 March, the Canberra Times reported the ACT Government was considering a concept suburb just to the West of Tuggeranong town centre. The announcement raised a range of questions, including whether the Government has a clear understanding of the ecological values of the area, who had been consulted about the idea, and how likely […]