Living Next to Nature

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Living Next to Nature is your guide to being a good neighbour to the bush next door. Find out more about your local environment and easy actions to take in your backyard, in the bush or in your community to help protect it. Living Next to Nature Booklet (PDF 17MB)

Read our open letter to Minister Rattenbury about Canberra-wide cat containment (PDF 155KB) which demonstrates the extent of the issue of roaming pet cats in Canberra, the significant impact on our native wildlife and the need to declare all of Canberra as cat containment as a priority.

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Where is your cat at the moment? It could be harming native wildlife or crossing a busy street. You can love your cat and wildlife too by keeping your cat contained. Cats can still explore the outdoors  through an escape-proof cat enclosure. Learn how to build your own using the Victoria Government’s How to build cat proof fencing and cat enclosures booklet (539KB)