Managing the Urban Edge

Managing the Urban Edge Discussion Paper December 2013

Canberra’s identity and urban planning has stemmed from the concept of a ’Bush Capital’ ever since its founding, 100 years ago. Today, an increasing population and economy is driving rapid urbanisation, expanding the urban edge and threatening its ‘bush’ areas and the species that depend on them. In the ACT, these bush areas are home to a number of endangered ecological communities and species that need to be protected.

This document provides a basis  for discussions between government, developers and community groups regarding the improvement of the management of these ecological values at the urban edge. It is based on the past experiences of the members of Bush on the Boundary Groups and the member groups of the Conservation Council ACT Region in managing ecological values at the urban edge. 10 key issues have been drawn from this experience and discussed within this document:

  • Connectivity
  • Domestic Animal Management
  • Invasive Plant Species
  • Fire Management
  • Mature Trees
  • Rural Leases
  • Roads and Infrastructure
  • Access and Recreation
  • Aquatic and Riparian Areas
  • Community Participation

Addressing these issues in the long term will require a strategic approach that incorporates social and economic considerations and proactively addresses potential issues such as climate change, before negative impacts occur.

Managing the Urban Edge Version 1 _ 20 December 2013 FINAL