Spread the word: Canberra School Climate Strike

2019 Canberra School Climate Strike

When: Friday, March 15, 2019 at 12 PM – 3 PM
Where: Garema Pl, City ACT 2601, Australia

After the great success of the School Strike 4 Climate Action in November 2018, Australia’s super school students are organising a 2019 School Strike on 15 March.

Canberra’s students will be joining students across the world who are also walking out of schools to call on those in power to address this emergency. These students are reiterating their message to our politicians to take young people seriously and start treating climate change for what it is: a crisis and the biggest threat to young generations and generations to come.

Our offices have been busy with school strike planning meetings with students ranging from 12 to 18 discussing the strategic and operational direction of the protest. It is inspiring to see these young people articulating their views and coordinating such a large event.

We need the broader community to lend its support to these school students in the lead up to the strike.

Here are some ways you can get involved:
  1. Are you an Academic supporter? Strike with the school students in solidarity by signing this petition.
  2. Are you a university student? Join the student contingent to the climate school strike.
  3. Do you want to stay informed? Sign up for email updates.
  4. Do you want to spread the word? Download your own copy of the poster.
Photo credit: School Strike 4 Climate Action group

2 thoughts on “Spread the word: Canberra School Climate Strike”

  1. Best wishes for Friday brave young people. March with the conviction you are doing right for all of us. You make us all so proud.

    1. Hi Jennene. Thank you very much for supporting the school climate strike. It was a very successful day and we are so proud of Canberra’s school kids.

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