Save Lawson Grasslands! Write to Barry Jackson calling for Defence Housing Australia to withdraw the proposed housing development at Lawson North

Join the 110 organisations and individuals who have already opposed this development, and send a message to Defence Housing Australia that housing at Lawson North should not proceed.

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In the face of community opposition, Defence Housing Australia is proposing to build on Lawson North, an important environmental area in the ACT.

Home to critically endangered grassland and Box-Gum Woodlands, Lawson North is home to threatened species such as the Golden Sun Moth, Striped Legless Lizard, Perunga Grasshopper and Key’s Matchstick Grasshopper. Scarlet Robins, White-winged Trillers and Gang Gang Cockatoos nest and forage in the mature trees.

Formerly the site of the Belconnen Naval Transmission Station, this land contains over 100 hectares of Natural Temperate Grassland, making it the largest grassland in Belconnen. 

Less than 10% of this grassland community remains compared to its pre-European distribution, and in NSW and the ACT, only 1% of Natural Temperate Grassland is protected in national parks and reserves.

This local area also also has national significance as Natural Temperate Grassland is critically endangered in Australia. 

Please join the Conservation Council and Friends of Grasslands, and over 100 other local environment groups and environment experts, to call on Defence Housing Australia to stop this development from proceeding.

About Natural Temperate Grasslands

Natural Temperate Grasslands are one of Australia’s most unique ecosystems. As the sun rises, the grassy plains come alive. Magpies, eagles and larks take to the sky, whilst wallabies and grasshoppers rustle through the grasses and wildflowers, feeding on fresh shoots. As evening hits, the sound of crickets vibrate across the landscape.

Unfortunately, Natural Temperate Grassland is considered to be one of the world’s most endangered ecosystems, commonly mistaken as dry empty paddocks. In 2019, Natural Temperate Grassland was transferred from endangered to critically endangered under ACT environmental law, consistent with federal environment law.

A lizard that squeaks, a moth with no mouth parts, a flower with blue leaves… Click through the slides to find out more about the curious residents of Lawson North Grasslands.

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