We need a rethink on single-use plastics in the ACT

The ACT Government needs to take decisive action on plastic waste, and lead the community discussion about different ways of reducing our plastic footprint. It is time to give up our love affair with single-use plastics.

Plastic pollution is a significant problem in the ACT, nationally and globally, and it is high time we take responsibility to address the problem. Single-use plastics are all around us: in our homes, workplaces, waterways, city parks and even our nature reserves.

The ACT Government should continue to show leadership. We can no longer afford to continue using single-use plastics at the current rate, especially when we can take simple regulatory, community and personal steps to reduce our plastic footprint.

Phasing out single-use plastics discussion paper is open for consultation until the end of July 2019. Complete the survey to have your say about single-use plastics in the ACT.