Our biodiversity faces many threats, yet the ACT Government has not yet committed to protect all areas with conservation values or mitigate against threats like roaming cats. The ACT hosts the largest remaining remnants of Grassy-Box Woodlands and Native Temperate Grasslands, both of which are now critically endangered, yet not all of them are protected. Our threatened species need high-quality habitat in order to survive in the future.


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Andrew Barr, ALP
Alistair Coe, Liberals
Shane Rattenbury, ACT Greens
Mick Gentleman, ALP
Elizabeth Lee, Liberals

Priority Asks What do we know? Questions to ask candidates
1 Establish biodiversity funding investigation by the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment Biodiversity doesn’t get the funding it deserves, and our reserves and parks need better support. Will you commit to an inquiry by the Environment Commissioner to investigate how we can fund biodiversity properly?
2 Protect in perpetuity all moderate to high conservation value land not currently in the reserved system The ACT has the largest intact remnants of grassy box woodlands and native grasslands, but not all of them are protected. Areas like the Bluett’s Block need protection in perpetuity to safeguard our wildlife.  Will you commit to protect all remaining grasslands and grassy-woodlands that are not currently protected in the reserved system?
3 Territory-wide full cat containment no later than 2025 Cats make great pets, but they kill wildlife when they roam. The ACT Government has done a lot of work on how to manage cats, but as yet hasn’t introduced Canberra-wide restrictions on cats being outside. Will you commit to introducing Canberra-wide cat containment to come into effect by 2025?
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