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Volunteer with us!

Our organisation is supported by the hard work and efforts of our volunteers, and we really value your contributions.

We love to hear from enthusiastic people who have a passion for the environment and making a difference in the Canberra Community.

We advertise specific Volunteer roles that we are looking for below. Please express interest on how you would like to get involved via the form.

Event Volunteers

We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help out at our events – whether it be helping us sell merchandise, taking photos, managing registrations or general set up and pack down duties. If you are keen on helping out at any of our events and being on a contact list, please use the form and we will be in contact when we could use your help!

Join our board

We encourage passionate, engaged, inclusive and diverse individuals in our community to consider joining our board and help us better our organisation. By joining the Board of the Conservation Council, you are provided opportunity to have input and direct involvement with our work, strategic direction and culture.

If you would like to find out more about what is involved or express interest, please use the get involved form. The election of our board is conducted at our Annual General Meeting.

Get involved with us!

Want to actively get involved with our work? Make an enquiry!

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Examples: nature protection, sustainable transport, climate action, environmental justice. If selecting working group member, please indicate which group you are interested in. (See more information about working groups below).
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Support our Environmental Justice Learning

The Environmental and Climate Justice sector and space is predominantly occupied by White ideals and perspectives. This lack of inclusion and diversity means that First Nations and People of Colour occupying the Climate and Environment space face cultural unsafety, lack of leadership opportunities, microaggressions and outright exclusion. 

Conservation Council acknowledges its role and responsibility to undertake growth and learning as an organisation to exemplify the values of justice, equity and inclusion.

Join a Conservation Council Working Group

Want to get involved in our work? Join one of our Working Groups. The role of the Conservation Council’s policy and campaign working groups is to assist in the delivery of the Conservation Council policy and campaign objectives.

Transport Working Group

The Transport Working Group is chaired by Dr Warwick Cathro. Members of the Board, staff of the Conservation Council, and representatives of member groups with expertise or an interest in sustainable transport may participate. Others with expertise or interest in the agenda may be invited to participate or contribute on particular issues. The Transport Working Group generally meets monthly.

If you are interested in joining please make an enquiry via the ‘Get Involved’ form, select ‘Working Group’ and indicate that you are interested in Transport Working Group.

Biodiversity Working Group

Biodiversity Working Group is chaired by Hugh Coppell and meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 5.30pm. Biodiversity Working Group is open to anyone interested in biodiversity including member groups, staff and board members.

If you are interested in joining please make an enquiry via the ‘Get Involved’ form, select ‘Working Group’ and indicate that you are interested in Biodiversity Working Group.

Environmental Justice Working Group

The Environmental Justice Working Group aims to build cultural safety within our organisation, recognising the ecological and climate crises as a social and political problem, as well as an environmental one and beginning to decolonise our organisation’s perceptions  of the environment. New members are very welcome.

If you are interested in joining, please make an enquiry via the ‘Get Involved’ form,  select ‘Working Group’ and indicate that you are interested in Environmental Justice Working Group.

Take Action

As people who value our environment, watching the unfolding climate crisis and destruction of nature in our region can be distressing and make you feel helpless. Support and resources are available – find out more at Psychology for a Safe Climate.

Action is the antidote to despair – every small step has ripple effects in making a difference for a safe climate and building a stronger, more resilient community.

Here are 6 actions you can take:

1. Donate to our work

We are a non-profit, non-government organisation and we rely on your support to be able to important work – like campaigning for a safe climate and protection of nature in our region. With your donation, together we can protect nature in our region, the precious plants and animals that call it home and reduce our emissions for a safe climate.

3. Sign a Petition

We have a number of active campaigns that we need your support for. Signing a petition or sending an email to a decision maker is a great way of showing people power and demonstrating that these issues matter to a huge number of people in our community.

5. Divest your money

We all know that money talks. An important action to show big companies what values matter to us is to divest our money from Banks and Superfunds that invest in fossil fuels.

2. Join a Member Group

Our Member Groups are doing important things in our community and are actively working on campaigns, events and other actions. If you are interested in regularly contributing your time to a worthy cause, why not get involved with the work of our Member Groups? You can find more information and the contact details of our Member Groups from the button below.

4. Attend an Event

Attending events is an important way to get involved with the environment movement, meet like-minded people and to demonstrate people power.

6. Make the Switch

You can personally reduce your carbon emissions by making the switch of gas appliances for heating, hot water and cooking in your home.

Get involved in active Climate groups in Canberra

If you’re looking to volunteer to stop fossil fuel projects and move towards a safe and just climate future, some of our member groups are actively engaged on these issues. Joining one of these groups is a powerful way to create change, have fun and make new friends. Everyone is welcome, no experience needed!

Move Beyond Coal and Canberra

The #MoveBeyondCoal Canberra working group is part of a bigger national campaign involving, Tipping Point and other organisations to act for the rapid phase out of coal and gas across Australia. 

They meet weekly on a Monday evening and regularly hold actions and protests including Fridays for Future and Pollie Watch. 

To create the banners needed for protests across the city, a sub group called Artivism meets every Friday at the Conservation Council office at 2pm. Beautiful banners make a huge difference in getting the message across the community and to decision makers. 

Sign up here or drop in to Artivism on a Friday, everyone is welcome. 

Extinction Rebellion ACT

Extinction Rebellion ACT is the local group of Extinction Rebellion, a global movement demanding climate and ecological justice to halt mass extinction and minimise risk of social collapse.  We are facing an unprecedented global emergency. XR meets monthly and holds regular events and actions for you to get involved with. 

To get involved sign up here or email

Attend an upcoming Event!



World Environment Day Community Fundraiser

The Conservation Council ACT Region is calling on our local community to stand with us and raise some much needed funds, so we can continue our work to protect nature and create a safe climate future.
Sign up to host your own event, or simply make a donation.
You can hold your event at any time during the months of May and June.

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