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Standing up for Nature Protection and Climate Action

The Conservation Council ACT Region is the leading environmental advocacy organisation and hub for community groups in Canberra.

Our vision is for a healthy planet for humans and all other life, where nature is protected and communities respect and live in harmony with the environment. Our mission is to protect nature and create a safe climate in the ACT and region.

Annual General Meeting 2023

Annual General Meeting 2023

The Conservation Council ACT Region Inc Annual General Meeting will be held Thursday 23rd November 2023 at 6.00pm via Zoom. Use the form below to register. The Zoom link to join the meeting will be sent out by 4pm Thursday 23rd November. Members who have voting rights...

Support our Environmental Justice Learning

The Environmental and Climate Justice sector and space is predominantly occupied by White ideals and perspectives. This lack of inclusion and diversity means that First Nations and People of Colour occupying the Climate and Environment space face cultural unsafety, lack of leadership opportunities, microaggressions and outright exclusion. 

Conservation Council acknowledges its role and responsibility to undertake growth and learning as an organisation to exemplify the values of justice, equity and inclusion.

Our Work

We advocate and campaign for a safe climate, to protect biodiversity in our urban and natural areas, to protect and enhance our waterways, reduce waste, and promote sustainable transport and planning for our city.

Working in the ACT and region to influence governments and build widespread support within the community and business, we put forward evidence-based solutions and innovative ideas for how we can live sustainably.

Nature Protection

Climate Action


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