Canberra’s Amazing Nature

Canberra’s Amazing Nature is targeted at the upper primary years, and explores the natural and cultural heritage values of the ACT. It includes a wonderful overview of the species and ecosystems endemic to our region, and also discusses threats to the environment. Added to this is a handy field guide of species in different habitats, and a section that outlines actions that children and their families can take to protect their local environment.

2020 ACT Election Priorities

Our election priorities were drawn from a comprehensive policy platform developed in consultation with Canberra’s environment community. They will continue to form the basis of our campaign work for the next several years.

Treasures series

Learn about the natural and cultural heritage in your local area through the Conservation Council ACT Region’s Treasures of the ACT Region Series. The booklets describe the beautiful places to visit and are the perfect size to take with you while exploring. They provide useful tips on enjoying outdoor activities such as biking, bushwalking, birdwatching, swimming, picnics and photography and even include a field guide of plants and animals you are likely to spot. Why not pick up a copy and begin exploring the special places near you!

Ginninderry Treasures is the latest to join the series. With contributions from a team of local knowledge experts, the beautiful booklet will help you explore the Aboriginal and European cultural heritage as well as the woodland, grassland and river ecosystems of the Ginninderry region of north-western Canberra. The guide includes colour photographs of local wildlife and plant species,  profiles of the community groups actively caring for the landscape, and more. A small number of Ginninderry Treasures booklets are available from the Conservation Council office.

If there’s a book that interests you, click on the book name to see a preview. Contact us to order yours today. 

Living Next to Nature

Living Next to Nature is your guide to being a good neighbour to the bush next door. Find out more about your local environment and easy actions to take in your backyard, in the bush or in your community to help protect it.

Living Next to Nature Booklet (PDF 17MB)

Student & Intern Papers

The Conservation Council ACT Region hosts university interns across a range of disciplines. These are generally organised through the university internship programs at the ANU and UC. We suggest that interested students organise internships through their university. Read previous internship papers here.