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The Board and staff are excited to unveil a fresh new logo that will help extend our passion for sustainability and the environment to new audiences across the ACT community.

While our look is changing to better represent who we are and the issues we care about, we are steadfast in our core values.

The logo might seem simple: a continuous loop, one circle nestled in another. But if you look a little closer, this humble loop reflects our core objectives of a genuinely sustainable society that cares for the planet knowing that everything is connected. 

Two circles working together, hand in hand. We work with the community and business to influence governments and deliver environmental outcomes. We raise awareness in the community of the relationships between different environmental issues, between the natural and built environment, between local and global issues.

At a time when we need to reimagine a better future, we understand that change will only happen with the collective support of our community. 

Like the loop, our mission is continuous. We will always be here to speak up for a healthy environment, to campaign for a safe climate, for the protection and enhancement of biodiversity and waterways, to reduce waste and build a circular economy, and for sustainable transport and planning for our city. 

Time and again we confront the same issues, but each time we build our knowledge, confidence and credibility. We look to the future and put forward evidence-based solutions and innovative ideas for how we can live sustainably. 

With the community increasingly connecting through social media and online publications, our new look will help us be easily identifiable across the online world.

Professional, natural and vibrant, the new identity welcomes people from all walks of life to engage with our organisation.