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On 3 March, the Canberra Times reported the ACT Government was considering a concept suburb just to the West of Tuggeranong town centre. The announcement raised a range of questions, including whether the Government has a clear understanding of the ecological values of the area, who had been consulted about the idea, and how likely the plan was to proceed.

We have digested information provided to the ACT Government and looked at the maps they have provided. We have put together a briefing paper please see take a look: Thompson-suburb-briefing-paper. It is not appropriate to put an urban development so close to the River Corridor and the proposal doesn’t fit in with a “strategic” planning model. We also attended an initial residents meeting last week and they have set-up a Facebook site – “Save the Murrumbidgee Corridor.

We will put in a formal submission to the proposal however we are encouraging people to make comment on the ACTPLA have your say website.