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The Conservation Council made comments on Australia’s strategy for nature 2018–2030 – Australia’s Biodiversity Conservation Strategy and Action Inventory – DRAFT which was meant as a review of Australia’s Biodiversity Conservation Strategy 2010 –2030, an undertaking from a meeting of Australia’s environment Ministers in November 2016.

We were hoping for a more comprehensive and forward-looking strategy for conservation of biodiversity. The Draft Strategy for Nature does not directly address how it will assist in meeting Australia’s international biodiversity commitments and should be amended to identify the challenges of how our international obligations are to be addressed.

The Draft Strategy for Nature does not adequately address its task as set by Ministers and should be rewritten to meet current and emerging challenges and enhance collaboration with Indigenous people, private landowners, businesses, environmental organisations, and communities to achieve tangible on-the-ground improvements for our species and bring the broader community along with this reform.

The Ecological Society of Australia has also made comments as reported in The Conversation 16 March 2018.