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There’s a lot to like about the Government’s draft transport strategy which was released for public consultion earlier this year. However the Conservation Council provided feedback to the Government that while the strategy includes on many good ideas associated with best practice public transport, and discusses in detail issues such as Active Transport, it doesn’t appear to clearly settle on what the priorities are, nor set any measurable obejctives.

In its submission on the Moving Canberra 2019-2045: Integrated Transport Strategy, the  ACT Conservation Council recommended public transport and active travel should be prioritised and legislated transport targets considered. This is important when considering ongoing investment in the transport network. We also supported electrification of pubblic and private transport and a goal fo safe, easy, and convenient active travel. As we develop our transport network, it will be important to protect biodiverisyt and urban green space, and to ensure that policies build transport equity.

You can read our full submission here.