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It’s been a difficult summer for so many of our supporters in the way of fires or fighting fires, and Canberrans living under unhealthy bushfire smoke. Climate change impacts have certainly been front of mind, as we see the devastating impact for communities, animals and ecosystems.

The environment matters to all of us. It’s our passion and our future, and we all have our part to play in efforts to protect it. We hope that all our supporters are feeling a little rested, especially after this rain, and certainly galvanised to make 2020 a year for real change. To make this our most effective year yet, we need to hear from you.

We want to find out more about who our supporters are, and where you want us, as a community, to be addressing our efforts to protect the environment. 2020 is an ACT election year, and the environment is going to be a major election issue. More than ever it is important that we hear what truly matters to you.

Your views will influence our work this year and into the future. They will also be compiled into a brief report in June 2020, allowing you to see a snapshot of the ACT environment community. For this survey to work, we need as many of our supporters as possible to fill it out.

Click here to do the supporter survey (through Google Forms)