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Climate Crisis National Day of Action Canberra

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WHERE: Glebe Park

WHEN: 2pm Saturday 22th February 2020

The Climate Crisis National Day of Action will be held at Glebe Park, kicking off at 2pm this Saturday 22nd February. Workers, school strikers, students, parents, retirees and citizens across the country will take to the streets to demand strong climate action.

The National Day of Action is calling on government action and investment on a scale to match the climate crisis:

  1. 100% renewable energy – reduce emissions now. Build a 100% publicly owned renewable energy system by 2030. Just transition for communities and guaranteed jobs for affected fossil fuel workers. Fund good low-emissions jobs in transport, manufacturing, disaster relief, health, education, energy, and climate adaptation.
  2. No new fossil fuel or nuclear projects. End subsidies to these industries.
  3. Fund our firies – support communities. Increase funding and resources to cope with longer and more intense fire seasons. Pay rural firefighters and reverse cuts to parks and fire services. Guaranteed homes and jobs for fire-affected communities.
  4. First nations justice. Funding for Indigenous-led land management with jobs on country to repair ecosystems, reduce emissions and reduce fire risk. Land and water rights for Indigenous peoples.

The Conservation Council has joined the National Day of Action along with a range of groups that want to see stronger action on climate change. RSVP on  Facebook. Similar events will take place in other Australian cities. Search ‘climate crisis national day of action’ on Facebook for other locations.

We encourage all of our supporters to gather your friends and family and join the crowd in Glebe Park this Saturday afternoon. Make yourself a sign or borrow one from our office, and post pictures to social media using the hashtag #ClimateActionNow.