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Transport emissions contribute 60% to the ACT’s direct greenhouse emissions, primarily through the use of petrol and diesel vehicles. Our transport choices have a significant impact on our environment, the liveability of our city, and our productivity, health and wellbeing.

We need to build a strong public transport network and enable active transport as a viable and attractive option for commuters, reduce emissions from use of cars, and transition to an electrified transport system.


Ask your local candidates the questions below:

  • At community election forums
  • At shopping centre stalls
  • On their social media
  • During radio talkback
  • By email

Email your local candidates

Andrew Barr, ALP
Alistair Coe, Liberals
Shane Rattenbury, ACT Greens
Mick Gentleman, ALP
Elizabeth Lee, Liberals

Priority Asks What do we know? Questions to ask candidates
1 Build a network of separated cycleways across the city Canberra has the highest mode share for cycling of any Australian capital city, yet the share of journeys to work by bicycle has remained relatively consistent for twenty years.  Will you commit to expand cycleways across the city, ensuring they are safe and well connected?
2 An integrated light rail and bus network that delivers frequent and reliable service. Connected light rail and bus networks will be important to connect Canberrans as the city densifies to meet current 70% infill standards. 40 new buses were recently added to the fleet, yet all remain diesel-powered.   Do you support light rail being rolled out across the city, continuing with Stage 2 to Woden? How will your party improve the bus network whilst ensuring it meets our climate targets?
3 Incentives for electric cars and electric bikes To reach a zero emission target that aligns with climate science, the ACT needs to phase out fossil fuel vehicles by 2030. This is an ambitious objective.  What measures would you put in place to drive a shift to electric vehicles and electric bikes over the next 10 years?

Download our printable Transport campaign action sheet so that you’re prepared to ask your local candidates what their policies are.

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