ACT residents have high consuming lifestyles. Single-use plastics continue to be utilised in the ACT, posing major threats to wildlife, waterways and our health. Food and organic waste sent to landfill contributes 4% to the ACT’s greenhouse gas emissions and squanders a valuable resource. We need to adopt practices that promote greater responsible waste management and support a circular economy.


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Andrew Barr, ALP
Alistair Coe, Liberals
Shane Rattenbury, ACT Greens
Mick Gentleman, ALP
Elizabeth Lee, Liberals

Priority Asks What do we know? Questions to ask candidates
1 Mandatory waste separation standards for commercial and building waste. Commercial waste and construction/ demolition waste together comprise more than 50% of waste to landfill. Will you commit to introduce mandatory waste separation and recycling for commercial and building waste? 
2 Phase-out by single use plastics by 2023. The ACT Government has a draft bill to phase out single use plastics, including plastic cutlery, stirrers and polystyrene food containers. But we need to do more, including phase-out supermarket barrier bags, takeaway food containers, coffee cups, cling wrap used for packaging, balloons and plastic table cloths.  Will you commit to extend the single-use plastic ban to include all common single-use plastics including coffee cups, barrier bags, heavy weight plastic shopping bags, takeaway food containers and balloons by 2023?
3 Food and organic waste collection across Canberra, with compost made available for private and public use The ACT Government’s Living Infrastructure target of 30% tree canopy depends on the health of the city’s soils. Food waste is currently largely underutilised. The most beneficial use of food waste is as compost to regenerate soil and nurture new plant life. Will you commit to Canberra-wide food and organic waste collection? 

How will you ensure the waste collected will be made available for private and public use?

Download our printable Waste campaign action sheet so that you’re prepared to ask your local candidates what their policies are.

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