Homeowners gathered at the Canberra Environment Centre on Thursday 4th February to learn about the impacts of “natural” gas on the environment and human health, and discover the triple benefits of cost and energy savings, improved comfort and emissions reductions to be gained from switching to an all-electric home.

Kirsten Duncan from the Conservation Council took participants through the Make the Switch cost calculator to demonstrate the cost and emissions savings potential of going all-electric, and how to make a practical action plan to switch household appliances. James de Salis from Laros Technologies provided expert advice about modern, efficient electric heat pumps for heating and hot water, and Dan Harris-Pascal from Actsmart discussed energy efficiency and appliance upgrade support programs offered by the ACT Government.

Thanks to the Canberra Environment Centre for hosting this event. If you are interested in attending a future workshop, contact Kirsten Duncan at the Conservation Council. You can also visit maketheswitch.org.au for more information about how to go gas-free!