The Conservation Council submitted feedback this week to Draft Variation 379 that changes the Territory Plan for Kenny to be zoned as a Nature Reserve. Kenny will be the 39th reserve in the Canberra Nature Park and will provide important protection for many threatened species, including Superb Parrots and Striped Legless Lizards. The Conservation Council welcomes the rezoning of this area as a Nature Reserve, however we have recommended the nature reserve overlay be extended to surrounding blocks that also have important conservation values. Importantly, we are calling on the ACT Government to consider an additional area that will build a landscape connection between Mt Majura and Goorooyaroo Nature Reserves, and which could be enhanced to support grassland and woodland species moving through the area. 

Our specific recommendations include extending the nature reserve overlay to surrounding blocks 739, 655, 821 and 822 and a section of block 792; and to ensure consideration for managing future urban edge effects on Kenny, including full cat containment and an appropriate buffer zone between the reserved boundary and urban areas.