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Bring your thermos and join ecologist Rainer Rehwinkel for a guided tour at the Lawson North site, where Defence Housing Australia proposes to build 570 houses over critically endangered grasslands. 

Rainer Rehwinkel is a local grassy ecosystem ecologist. He is a member of Friends of Grasslands, Acting Chair of Kosciuszko to Coast and member of the Wandiyali Restoration Trust. Rainer has worked on grassy ecosystem conservation since the early 1990s. 

The guided walk will be on the public land outside of the development area. It will be an approximate 1.5km circuit. Participants are welcome to exit the tour at any time.

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Snapshots of the day

Sunday 11th April, from 9am
Jumbuck Crescent, Lawson
Approximately 2 hours, 1.5km circuit