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Make the Switch: gas community outreach

Take the next step into climate action! Calling for community outreach volunteers to join our gas campaign

If you are looking for a meaningful way to take the next step in climate action and connect with your community, come along to our information session. We are building a crew of community outreach volunteers to run occasional stalls informing Canberra households about how to make the switch from gas to all-electric homes.

4:30–6pm Tuesday 20 April
Conservation Council office: 14/26 Barry Drive, City

We will cover:

  • Why gas is a problem
  • The ACT’s leadership in transitioning away from fossil gas
  • How Canberrans can be part of the solution by making the switch to all-electric homes
  • The Conservation Council’s Make the Switch website project
  • Gaining experience in running public stalls
  • Learning skills to engage with people

We would love to hear from anyone who enjoys a chat and has an interest in gas, fossil fuels and climate action. No technical expertise is necessary – we will provide the training you need. If you have already made the switch, this is a great opportunity to share your experience of living in an all-electric home.

You will have the opportunity to join a team of other keen volunteers hosting stalls at shopping centres and markets throughout Canberra. Contribute as much or as little of your time as you have available.

Time required: each stall will be 1–3 hours, scheduled approximately fortnightly, shared amongst the team according to availability

Location: shopping centres and markets across Canberra

Helpful skills/interests: fossil fuels, energy efficiency, climate action, community engagement, event organising

What you’ll learn: regular event organising, engagement skills, environmental impacts of gas, electric alternatives

Your impact: helping Canberra homes switch from gas to electricity will reduce community greenhouse gas emissions and public demand for fossil gas, assisting with the transition to clean energy and a safer climate

Starting date: From April 2021


Register your interest using the volunteering form.

Tuesday 20th April, 4:30–6pm
Conservation Council office