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Some of the species that are currently favoured as garden and landscape plants are establishing a toehold in Canberra’s natural areas.  A major issue is that some of these “sleeper” or emerging weed species are still being recommended to be planted by information promoted by the ACT Government and are commonly sold in nurseries. The invasive status of some of these species suffers from limited information. You can help document their invasiveness and in doing so contribute to the pressure to have them removed from nurseries and Government plantings.

Take action now when you’re in the bush:

  1. Take a photo of the species identified as sleeper weeds
  2. Note the location
  3. Upload to Canberra Nature Map (CNM).

To ensure Canberra’s nature, people and culture can flourish, our urban landscapes need to host bio diverse and resilient green spaces. Biodiversity in the ACT region is under strain from invasive plants and animals. The ACT has a responsibility to rapidly respond to biosecurity threats accelerated by climate change, through sustained intervention and management of invasive plants that have been bolstered by a prolonged period of frequent rain. Invasive species degrade our waterways, natural landscape, habitats, biodiversity and threaten the production of food in our region.