Canberra is home to incredible places and wildlife found nowhere else on Earth. But nature in Australia and our region is declining – under pressure from a warming climate, roads and infrastructure fragmenting habitats, deforestation and exploitation. 

Right here our woodlands, grasslands and habitat for wildlife are facing potential destruction as the ACT Government has flagged plans for the Territory’s urban footprint to expand to the west of the city, this is known as the Western Edge Investigation Area. 

Bordered by the Murrumbidgee River and the regions of Weston Creek, Molonglo Valley and Belconnen, the landscape of the Western Edge is home to some of the ACT’s most significant nature. Ngununggula/ Bluetts Block is part of the Western Edge – home to local threatened species including many threatened and rare woodland birds such as the endangered Painted Button-quail, Diamond Firetail, Dusky Woodswallow and Scarlet Robin. 

At our community forum on the Western Edge Investigation Area and Bluetts Block we were pleased to be joined by:

  • Minister Emma Davidson, Member for Murrumbidgee. 
  • Dr Alice Wells. President Friends of Bluetts Block.
  • Neil Hermes, President Canberra Birds.

Learn about the Western Edge Investigation Area.

Learn about the flora and fauna of Ngununggula/ Bluetts Block. 

Together we can protect Ngununggula/ Bluetts Block as a Nature Reserve! Write to the Planning Minister today using our letter writing guide.