Write to federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor calling for a renewables-led recovery.

There is no question that Australia needs support to recover from the economic impacts of the response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, the world is also in the midst of a climate crisis.

The Australian Government has written a 'technology investment roadmap' which includes a significant push for new gas exploration and drilling, and possible investment in expensive carbon capture and storage (CCS) and nuclear power. The plan is deeply inadequate, failing to set a suitably ambitious target for emissions reductions and continuing to provide funding to polluters.

Gas is a polluting fossil fuel that contributes to climate change, environmental damage and human illnesses. Gas is touted as a 'transition fuel', but is completely unnecessary when there are cheaper, cleaner energy alternatives that could achieve the same jobs outcomes and provide for a sustainable future. Rather than expanding supply of gas, we should be investing in energy efficiency measures and electrification that reduces demand for gas.

We have a unique opportunity right now to change the course of history and build back better for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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