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Join us at the Conservation Council’s Environment Exchange next Tuesday 26 March from 12noon to 2pm at the Renewables Innovation Hub. We will be discussing cat containment in the ACT.

The Environment Exchange is a public forum that invites guest speakers and the public to come together to discuss some of the most pressing environmental issues in the ACT. We provide a free ploughman’s lunch, tea and coffee and great company!

Why is cat containment an important issue in the ACT?

We are fortunate in Canberra that many of us are able to live so close to nature reserves, enjoying the great diversity of native wildlife within walking distance of our homes.

With this good fortune comes a unique responsibility to ensure we do our best to preserve the wonderful biodiversity values of these places we love so much.

For many of us, we also love to own pet cats.  Their companionship enrich our lives.  Owning a pet also comes with unique responsibilities, and responsible pet ownership is required to minimise the harm they can have on our native wildlife.

By ensuring our pet cats are contained to our property both day and night, we can know that they are safe and at the same time that native wildlife is protected as well.  Research shows that cat containment provides a healthier and longer life for a pet cat than one that is allowed to roam.

Our guest speakers are:

Michael Mulvaney
Senior Environmental Planner
Conservation Planning and Research
Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD)
ACT Government

Michael is the joint author with Kathy Eyles of the paper on responsible pet ownership and the protection of wildlife ‘Options for improving the management of cats in the ACT’. Michael will talk about the findings and recommendations of this report, with a focus on the impacts of domestic cats on local wildlife.

Jane Speechley and Zoya Patel
Communications and Campaigns
RSPCA Australia

Jane and Zoya will talk about responsible pet ownership and the RSPCA’s campaign, “Keeping your cat safe and happy at home”. This campaign is aimed at reinforcing the key requirements needed to ensure cats have their welfare catered to in indoor environments, with particular regards to food, water, litter, resting and hiding spaces, and enrichment.

Heather Tomlinson
Director, Nature Conservation Policy 
ACT Government

Heather will be presenting on how we can improve cat management in the ACT for the health, safety and welfare of cats and native wildlife.

Come along to the Environment Exchange and hear expert speakers talk about all the benefits of cat containment.

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