Gas is a dirty polluting fossil fuel. To reach our emissions targets, and build a safe climate, the ACT needs to get off gas. With the ACT running on 100% renewable electricity, running clean energy houses is easier than ever. A national leader, the ACT has committed to zero net emissions by 2045, and our Climate Change Strategy commits to getting off gas by 2045. 

BUT, Evoenergy is continuing to roll out the gas network to new suburbs, and expand their customer base over the next 5 years. The ACT Government has made no moves to stop the gas network expansion, despite this being the cheapest and easiest way to reduce emissions over the next 5 years.

I call on the ACT Government to:

1. Immediately remove the existing mandate for gas infrastructure in new developments in the ACT,

2. Stop the roll out of new gas networks in all new suburbs, and

3. Stop all newly constructed residences from joining the gas network.