Climate change

We are facing a climate emergency. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has said that we need to turn around increasing rates of greenhouse emissions in the next 12 years to keep global temperature increases below 1.5 degrees Celsius and to give us any chance of a safe climate.

In Canberra we have taken strong action on climate change, moving from coal-fired power to electricity generated by solar and wind. By 2020, Canberra’s electricity will be 100% renewable.

There is still work to do on transport and gas emissions to deliver a carbon-neutral city. And we need to ensure that our city is resilient in the face of the challenges that our changing climate will bring. 

Gas-free ACT

Gas is a polluting fossil fuel that contributes to climate change. The ACT is now powered by 100% renewable, clean electricity so we no longer need to heat our homes and water or cook with fossil gas.

Get the full information about our campaign to transition Canberra off gas.

Our climate action news

Active Travel – Sign the Petition!

The Conservation Council ACT Region, Pedal Power and Living Streets Canberra have launched a community petition calling on the ACT Government to take strong action to show they are serious about dealing with our climate emergency. implement key measures that will improve travel options for Canberrans who walk, cycle and use public transport.

Moving Canberra – Integrated Transport Strategy

The Government’s Integrated Transport Strategy had lots of great ideas, but lacked the objectives and targets it needed to set out a clear pathway to improve public and active transport.

The gas challenge up for discussion

Gas was a hot topic at the Environment Exchange in March – in cold Canberra, how do we get off the gas so that we can cut our greenhouse emissions further over the next decade?