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New project to get Canberra moving in active and clean transport

The Conservation Council ACT Region and the Canberra Environment Centre have teamed up to lead Canberra businesses and commuters into the future of sustainable transport through an innovative project called ‘Make the Move’.

This new project will help commuters discover the benefits of active travel, overcome barriers and encourage new, more sustainable transport habits. The Conservation Council are building a new website packed with practical info and tips about how to plan trips, choose alternative modes of travel, and get set up to change daily travel habits. The website will be complemented with a workplace program where three workplaces will be offered a 6-week supported program to enable employees to trial active travel, receiving tailored workshops for their workplace, and the use of e-bikes and e-scooters.


Canberrans travel around the city daily for social, recreational, household and employment activities, clocking up a staggering 11 million kilometres a day. Of that, over 9 million kilometres is traveled in private vehicles.* All that driving has significant impacts on our health, our climate and the city’s landscape and amenity. Now that the ACT is running on 100% renewable electricity, 62% of the remaining greenhouse gas emissions come from transport, of which nearly 70% comes from private vehicles. All those cars demand bigger and bigger roads and more and more parking space. Meanwhile, when we drive, then sit in offices, then drive home again, we deprive ourselves of opportunities to keep fit and connect with our bush capital and fellow Canberrans.

The good news is that there are many other ways for people to move around the city. Make the Move is designed to help Canberrans make better choices about daily travel. For Canberra families that currently run two vehicles, there is the opportunity to save running costs on a second vehicle by switching to active travel while also improving their physical and mental health.

Every time we leave the car at home and choose public transport or active travel on foot, push bikes or electric bikes or scooters, we contribute to a cleaner, more socially-connected city.

The Make the Move project is supported by an ACT Government Community Zero Emissions Grant.

*ACT Transport Strategy 2020

Four workplaces are poised to Make the Move into the future of transport!

28th April 2021
The Make the Move active travel project is leaping ahead! It was pleasing to have a good number and diversity of workplaces apply for a six-week program that includes the loan of two brand new electric bikes from Switched on Cycles. Thanks to all the applicants for their enthusiasm!

We are delighted to announce that the workplaces selected to participate are inner-city gentleman’s barbershop Truefitt & Hill, digital design agency Annex, children’s advocacy organisation Early Childhood Australia, and Canberra’s supplier of water and sewerage services Icon Water.

All four organisations are keen to expand their employee wellbeing and environmental sustainability programs by encouraging staff to explore active travel options. Our project team is collaborating with the organisations to tailor the program to each workplace. The first two programs will kick off in just a couple of weeks!

We are also excited that the Make the Move website is nearing completion and will be an excellent resource to help Canberrans choose healthier and cheaper ways to commute around the city.

It is fantastic to have the support of Pedal PowerTransport Canberra and SEE-Change‘s Electric Bike Library for this ACT Government Community Zero Emissions Grant project.

Make the Move goes live online and in workplaces!

26th May 2021
Minister for Emissions Reductions, Shane Rattenbury, today officially launched the “Make the Move” workplace program and website. Read more or visit the Make the Move website.