The Conservation Council ACT Region is a peak body representing environmental groups whose main purpose is conservation and protection of the environment. Our Member Groups represent over 15,000 people. The collective strength that comes from a united and connected membership enables us to provide leadership and be a voice for the environment. Our Member Groups contribute to creating a healthy environmental future for Canberra and its region.

Become a Member Group

Community environmental and conservation groups are encouraged to apply for membership of Conservation Council ACT Region. By becoming a Member Group of the Conservation Council you will join a network of environment groups and other organisations in the Canberra region who work for a better environmental future.

The requirements for membership are set out in the Conservation Council constitution and include that “An organisation will only be eligible to be a member organisation if:

  • (i) the organisation’s primary activities include any aspect of conservation or environmental protection as stipulated in the objectives of the association.
  • (ii) the organisation has at least 10 members or is a federation of organisations the constituent membership of which have a total membership of at least 10.”

Read about some advantages of being a Member Group. The Board considers and must approve membership of the Conservation Council so please enclose your Constitution if incorporated or attach a brief statement of the mission, aim or objectives of your organisation. Written applications are required for Board consideration so please contact us to join our environmental network.

Renewing your Membership

Please use the 2020-2021 Membership Renewal Form to renew your member group details so that we have up-to-date representatives and contact details. We send email correspondence and our email member group newsletter to these representatives.