Next steps to get to zero net emissions

With ever more evidence of global human impact on the atmosphere we continue to push for greater local action on climate change.

As we say: “We need to do this for the planet, for our children and their children, for a livable climate friendly future for all species. We are proud to take local action to address a global issue.”

The Conservation Council and others have produced Submission#2 – Towards Zero Net Emissions in the ACT our second submission into the post-2020 pathway for us to get to zero net emissions.

This submission is in response to ACT Government documents including ACT Climate Strategy to a Zero Net Emissions Territory. Our document has been produced in collaboration with our member groups Australian Youth Climate Council (AYCC), Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) , Canberra Environment Centre, Climate Action Canberra, Frank Fenner Foundation, SEE-Change and 350Canberra; as well as with Australian Religious Response to Climate Change.

Some key considerations are:

  • We need a plan to get out of gas. Burning natural gas creates more than zero emissions
  • Active Transport is a no-brainer but why is it so hard to achieve an increase? And why is the modelling so conservative?
  • Getting organic waste out of our landfill really has to be a priority
  • Energy efficiency is very effective but does not seem to be getting the attention needed.
  • It is absolutely fantastic that the ACT Government is a leader on this issue and already delivering results but post-2020 it will be harder to reduce emissions as most gains to date are from the switch to 100% renewable energy. Now we need a good realistic plan to get us to zero.


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